1. We will never ask to give a code over text or phone call. Breeder should be willing to do video chat with you to see puppy and where it is living. If video chat is not avail. ask breeder to take a picture of the puppy with your name on piece of paper next to puppy.

2. Ask a lot of questions a good breeder would love to talk about their program and get to know who is purchasing a puppy to make sure it is good fit A scammer isn't going to want to spend a lot of time with you on the phone or emails. 

3. If you are considering a puppy off Facebook look at the person profile to see how long they have had it and how many friends alot of scammer will have very few friends and a profile for just a short time.

4. Ask for references from past people that have bought from them and their vets office name and phone number, Do your home work 


Don't be surprised if we ask alot of questions we want to make sure we find a good safe home for our puppies, We may want to talk to your veterinarian and groomer also

Most breeder don't allow home visits not only for the safety or our dog/puppies but the safety of ourselves. There have been whole litters stolen from their homes and people assaulted Also taking a risk of spreading disease such as parvo to the vulnerable babies is not a risk worth taking. So we normally meet at a business in town and will bring puppy cannot be put down (due to vaccine not complete yet) and will be held by breeder.

 We may not want to use credit card or PayPal because after puppy is delivered a person could debut the charge we could end up with no puppy and no money. That is why we ask for friends and family charges to PayPal only to avoid charges being disputed.